Wild about Wet n Wild’s Silk Finish Lipstick

So, the pun wasn’t enough to drive you away. Good, good.

As you may or may not know, I am absolutely in love with Wet n Wild (cruelty-free!). In particular, their eyeshadows and recently, their Silk Finish lipstick. I have mixed feelings about their regular lipstick, but that’s another review for another day…


From left to right: Dark Wine, Cherry Frost, Fuchsia with Blue Pearl, Nouveau Pink, Pink Ice, Dark Pink Frost, Cashmere, Breeze, Will You Be With Me?, A Short Affair


Naturally, if you despise frost, you probably won’t enjoy most of these, as these are just loaded with frost, shimmer, and a wet look. If you like frost (hello! nice to meet you, we’re a dying breed), then you’ll be rejoicing as I am.


Same as above. From left to right: Dark Wine, Cherry Frost, Fuchsia with Blue Pearl, Nouveau Pink, Pink Ice, Dark Pink Frost, Cashmere, Breeze, Will You Be With Me?, A Short Affair


From left to right: Dark Wine, Cherry Frost, Fuchsia with Blue Pearl, Nouveau Pink, Pink Ice


From left to right: Dark Pink Frost, Cashmere, Breeze, Will You Be With Me?, A Short Affair

Wet n Wild’s Silk Finish are different from the regular Wet n Wild lipsticks in a few ways. The tubing is different, for example. The cap has a slanted bottom, is much longer, and is considerably easier to take on and off. The lipstick itself is shaped much more traditionally like a bullet lipstick, instead of the usual flattened top. Finally, while the normal lipstick tugs awfully at my lips, Silk Finish glides on with no tugging whatsoever. Very, very smooth feeling. It does have a slight taste to it, a taste I can only describe as “lipstick”.

dark wine

Dark Wine’s name matches the colour itself perfectly. A true wine colour. No shimmer, just a wet look.

cherry frost

Cherry Frost. Who would have thought of a red frost? Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful outcome. A slightly pink-hued cherry red with gold frost. Exactly as beautiful as it sounds.


Fuchsia with Blue Pearl. I thought it was kind of odd to name a lipstick so bluntly, but boy, I couldn’t describe it better myself. A fairly bright pink-purple (mostly pink) with blue shimmer. I normally dislike bright pinks, but I adore this shade.


Nouveau Pink. A hot, bright, bubblegum pink with no real shimmer to it, just the usual wet look of this line. Very bold colour.

pink ice

Pink Ice. This one is so hard to get a decent picture of, and this doesn’t really show the full glory of it. It’s a very frosty, bright, almost coral pink. Definitely my favourite of the line.


Dark Pink Frost. A muted, fairly dark pink with gold frost.


Cashmere. A cool, frosty, dark brown. I obviously didn’t do the best job of applying it, but it really isn’t too hard to apply if you’re used to wearing dark browns.


Breeze. Ah, I love this colour. Simply a golden tan frost that applies sheerly over your natural lip colour. Does highlight imperfections a bit, but is beautiful enough to get by with it.


Will You Be With Me? While not as opaque as the first 7 colours, it’s not as sheer as A Short Affair or Breeze. A light, semi-sheer bubblepum pink with no frost.


A Short Affair. Almost completely sheer, all this does is add a very light pink frost over your lips. Closer to a lipgloss than lipstick in that respect. Does settle into lip lines, but not too badly.

Overall, an utterly gorgeous line that makes me wear colours I would normally pass over. Ranging from opaque to extremely sheer, it can work for a lot of looks… just as long as most of those looks include a frosty lipstick.

I feel like I should mention that I expected these to feather and fade terribly, but they really don’t! They’re pretty good at staying still, although the darker colours will feather a bit after a few hours, this can be fixed with a good lip primer and/or lip liner. In addition, they have amazingly staying power, and even after I removed them with makeup remover, they left a nice, subtle stain.

I’d recommend the Silk Finish line in a second. Only $1 per tube. $1! You can take a bit of a risk for that price. I found these all at my local Dollar General, but anywhere that carries Wet n Wild will carry these. Personally, I’m just angry because there are apparently 14 more that I don’t own. Although you can order online for a pretty reasonable price (each tube is $1.24 instead of $1, though), but do be warned that the colours themselves are not too accurate. The names are surprisingly accurate though, so you can take a risk on that.  I don’t know how long the deal lasts, but for now at least, it’s buy 4 Wet n Wild products and save $1, so if you want to splurge, do it now!

Do you own any? What do you think of these in comparison to Wet n Wild’s normal lipstick? Looking forward to the weekend?


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