The Girls We Love

Who is your makeup inspiration? A makeup vlogger? Someone on pinterest? Perhaps someone you know in real life and idolize? Personally, I draw inspiration from all sorts. My favourite day to day inspirations though, are the girls on the wall.

There are a number of cute and beautiful pictures on the wall, and when in need of a dose of inspiration, I prowl about and take note of them.

048 055

The first girl is the girl I keep right next to my desk: Mermaid Martini by Ralph Burch. She has gorgeous strawberry blonde curls with thin, barely arched matching eyebrows. For her makeup, heavy black eyeliner is paired with glowing pink blush placed all over her cheek area, blended up right to the eyes and nose. The lips certainly do recall the ’90s, with nearly black lip liner and reddish coral lipstick. There are a number of Martini girls that Ralph Burch painted, but the mermaid is my favourite. The cute blush paired with smoky black eyes is a lovely contrast.

059 060

This girl is Martini Rossi by Marcello Dudovich (wonderful artist, he does all sorts of beautiful paintings). I found her at a thrift store and immediately seized upon it because of the amazing fashion sense. All white ensemble, with special notice to the large fluffy white hat and white gloves? What an inspiration. Her makeup is enviable, too. She was painted with beautiful thick black lines for her eyes, representing both thick black lashes and black eyeliner. I like to think of it as both. I think there’s a bit of brown eyeshadow there, too. Her blush is my favourite, bright and red and placed high on her cheekbones, blended all the way up to her eyes; I really love that sort of placement of blush, I just wish it was more acceptable to wear in public. And finally, classic red lips tops off her glamour look.

064 076

I love pin up paintings, especially cowgirl pin ups, and she hangs next to my bed. This is a cute picture, but it leaves out the full picture and the name of the painter. It’s none other than Gil Elvgren, one of the most famous pin up painters of his time. His girls are always expertly painted to look as cute and coy as possible, something I just adore. This cropped copy doesn’t show you the full flirtatiousness of the photo (or her super cute plump legs!), so if you want to see the original in all its glory, click here! As for this cropped, I love this cowgirl’s sense of style. Highly arched eyebrows, mascara with some soft cat eye liner, rosy blush placed on the apples of the cheek, and a strong classic red lip.


Then there’s the easy girl. I don’t know who took the photo, who it’s of, or even really where I got this at! But it’s cute, and it makes me smile when I see it in the morning and go over to my dresser/vanity. Her makeup is minimal, simply looking like a ton of powder and what I guess are red lips. It’s definitely who I look at when I decide to go for a minimal style.

078 082

Now we come to my absolute favourite, the Coca Cola girl. I believe this too was painted by Gil Elvgren, and I’d buy that, because she looks like a pretty close match to his style. Out of all the girls in the house, she is the one I try to replicate the most. Bright, somewhat shiny red lips, lots of mascara on the upper lashes only, a line of black eyeliner, highly defined, arched, dark brows… but the blush takes the cake. I love that blush. I cannot believe how much I love it every time I see it. It is bright, and covers the entire cheek area, up to the temples, under the eye, next to the mouth, and blended up to the nose, but it is layered the heaviest in her apples. It’s so dang cute I can barely stand it. And look at that yellow headband! Ugh! I love this painting.

While I enjoy collecting pictures of old pin up girls on my computer, the girls on the wall will always give me the most inspiration, and are what I look at every day. Here’s to them doing their job, and being as pleasing as they come.


5 thoughts on “The Girls We Love

  1. That Coca-Cola girl looks like me after I’ve had rum & Coke 😀 LOOOL. I unfortunately turn bright red after imbibing.

    I loved reading this! What a wonderful source of inspiration, and I love that you know the artists, as well.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha! I’m envious, I’ve never blushed in my life, but I’ve always wished that I could; I find it to be so endearing.
      Thank you! ❤ Tracking down artists is very fun when they don't provide them, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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