A Word on Glambot


I don’t know how many of you know about Glambot – if you don’t, I’m here to educate you, son! Glambot is my latest addiction; I’ve got it bad, and that ain’t good. Glambot is, in short, a used makeup site. That might send you running for the hills, but I implore you to just wait and hear me out. Before doing any kind of review on this site, I purchased fairly extensively from it, and researched it heavily.


The main concern with used makeup is the bacteria, and that is entirely understandable. You don’t want to get an eye infection, mononucleosis, or even a rash from using someone else’s makeup. And yet, so far as I’ve looked, I have yet to see a single case of anyone complaining about getting any sort of health problem from Glambot, or any complaints about their hygiene standards. Indeed, I’ve bought eyeshadow, foundation, and blush so far, and have used them regularly without the slightest problem. I’m still wary of lip products, eye liners, and mascara, but I’d say “go for it” in regards to the “safer” products.


Glambot doesn’t explain in full their sanitation process, which does make me raise my brows a bit, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. You know why? Because this is cheap, son. CHEAP.


How Glambot works is you send them a large package of unused, unwanted mid to high end makeup, they price it, pay you for it, clean it, and sell it on their site. They have very frequent sales, knocking things down to 80% of their original cost. I mentioned they only sell mid to high end products, right? Yeah. Bareminerals, Chanel, MAC, NARS, Stila, theBalm, etc. Even better: they also sell limited edition products.


Here’s a quick look at how much I’ve saved. Over separate orders, I’ve ended up shelling out $98.89, which is a hell of a lot of money. However, if I had bought everything at the original price, I’d be out $194. Total savings = $95.11. Every product I’ve gotten so far has been sealed away in layers of bubblewrap in a heavy-duty fragile bubble envelope, taped tightly shut, and has arrived in perfect condition with barely any marks.


As you can imagine, this site can get highly addictive, hence why I’ve had to block it off in my email as spam for now. Still, I managed to get nothing but products I’ve been wanting to have for months at a fraction of the cost, and I’m pleased as pie. If there’s a mid or high end product you’ve been craving, but have held off on because of budgeting, go ahead and check the site out. They recently got in a Chanel lipstick for $18, so just keep your eyes peeled.


Overall, this is a site I’d recommend, but I’d still be wary of things like mascara and lipgloss. It’s cheap, it’s addictive, and it seems pretty safe. Sounds like a good deal to me.

And hey, if you decide to sign up, you could totally consider using my affiliate link. Just sayin’.


17 thoughts on “A Word on Glambot

  1. They had some awesome stuff marked down recently!! I was looking at the site. I don’t mind used makeup. I’m always getting makeup done in Sephora and they aren’t opening up a new compact to test it on me! Or shadow! Plus, there’s ways to sanitize that’s acceptable to me. I love watching for blog sales too! I just bought some great stuff on a blog sale. All used. Then I came back and got more!! I got these super cute little Shiseido palettes from Japan. Barely used and I’m loving them.

    I also think.. Hey… I eat in restaurants all the time! How do I know that person who prepared my food didn’t just pick his nose? I dont!! I might be eating a couple lice eggs the chef scratched off his head! So makeup is the least of my worries!

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    1. Hah! That’s very true! Personally, I’m always wary of used eye makeup more than anything else because our eyes don’t have a great way of combating bacteria, as opposed to our hardy stomachs!

      Definitely true, though. I eat at buffets, man. And if you saw the state of some of the utensils… well, we wouldn’t have an appetite for a buffet for awhile. ;P

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      1. Exactly!! It’s not just putting lipstick on your lips… It’s putting a spoon into your mouth that just fell on the ground and the waiter who just walked the path had rat shit on his shoes! Omg!!

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  2. I’ve never heard of this site – interesting! I used to swap on MUA but I mainly stuck with new or only swatched products, and only powder items (no lip products or mascara / liquid liners). Sounds like you’re saving a ton of money. I mainly look on ebay these days to see if any limited edition items pop up – might have to check on this Glambot site to see what they’ve got! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  3. Are you finding on glambot for new “used” stuff they only mark it down like 1.00 or 1,50 and if they can’t sell it… It gets dropped from 3o-80%! I see stuff but then it’s only marked down 1-00 and I’m thinking what??!!! Then if nobody is into it, they drop it further and it’s hard to find good stuff really low that’s not discontinued?

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    1. That’s basically how it works! Makeup is normally only about a buck off of the original (even if used down to 80%) until they have a special sale. That’s why I wishlisted everything I wanted, then just checked back until they had it knocked down! I think they just had a lipstick sale? They have weird, varied sales all the time, probably just knocking down the things that won’t sell, lol.

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