ColourPop’s Still Worth the Hype

(Yeesh, I wrote this two months ago… I never uploaded it, though, I took Swerve and Poison with me on a trip, and it, along with some of my nice makeup, got stolen/lost at the airport. =/ Absolute bummer. I’ll have to order another one soon. So, slightly updated post, just ignore the lack of Swerve and Poison)

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a makeup review, much less a ColourPop review! In spite of their rapid-fire releases as of late, I’ve held back. Nothing too new here, and some even discontinued, as a matter of fact. For shame! Onward.


Not too long ago, ColourPop discontinued some of their Summer products (because they already sold their soul to the devil to get this popularity anyway), which is a dang shame, because my favourite makeup product (Beauty Call) was a Summer-only released. Goodness forbid! So, aside from my scrambling to order backups of it, I also picked up a few other Summer releases, because deep down you are just a little ashamed when your cart is nothing but three Beauty Calls and you have to pay $5 shipping and handling. So, I grabbed:

Daddy: A medium violet in a pressed pigment finish.

Cowboy: A matte pastel lavender. Very, very pigmented!

Flux: A matte nearly-white pastel mint green. Seriously, it’s pretty much white with only a slight trace of mint green – about 60% opaque, too.

Taco: a matte medium blue eyeshadow, a very Summery colour. No trace of teal or lavender in this, so I’d say it’s pretty neutral toned. The site describes it as a mid-tone aqua, which is accurate enough, depending on how you describe “aqua” (think closer to cornflower blue rather than cyan).

Ibiza: A bright, yet dark, classic teal eyeshadow in a pearlized finish. It’s loaded with white and chartreuse glitter, to my eyes. The site describes it as having a silver and gold duochrome finish, but I see nothing of the sort – if anything, there’s a slightly lime duochrome finish.

Never Been Kissed: The site’s right on the money for this one: a dusty coral blush in a matte finish.

Chi-Chi Pencil: A bright orange-red lip liner. The site describes it as a true orange, but this is definitely more red than orange to my eye.

Poison Pencil: A brick red lip liner… has a tendency to pull wine on my cool, very fair skin. On warmer complexions, this definitely has more of a brown red vibe.

Show Me Pencil: An extremely metallic bronze eyeliner. Not a warm bronze whatsoever, with a bit of gold duochrome.

Exit Pencil: A pure white eyeliner.

Swerve Pencil: A pitch black eyeliner.

Left to right: Chi-Chi, Poison, Taco, Ibiza, Flux
Left to Right: Chi-Chi, Poison, Taco, Ibiza, Flux, Never Been Kissed (blended), Never Been Kissed (heavily swatched), Daddy, Cowboy, Swerve (light), Swerve (heavy), Exit (light), Exit (heavy), Show Me (light), Show Me (heavy)
Left to right: Cowboy, Swerve (light), Swerve (heavy), Exit (light), Exit (heavy), Show Me (light), Show Me (heavy)
Left to Right: Never Been Kissed (blended), Never Been Kissed (heavily swatched), Daddy, Cowboy

The eyeshadows all perform quite well for me, which I’ve come to expect by now from ColourPop. None of them have dried out at all on me, and all are quite opaque, with the exception of Taco and Flux. Taco simply requires two swipes to get full opacity, but is still quite opaque at one, whereas Flux is more or less just white with a green tint (even on my fair skin, so watch out if you have medium to darker skin, as this might just show up as white) and requires several swipes to get to full opacity. I’m not real big on this colour because of that, but it does have a brightening effect, and it might make a cool highlighter… or is that just me?

Cowboy all over lid, Daddy in crease, and Swerve as liner.

The rest of the eyeshadows are opaque on the first swipe with no issues, and even Ibiza, with all its glitter, has its glitter distributed evenly with no real fall out.

Never Been Kissed on cheeks, Cowboy all over lids with Daddy in crease, Swerve as liner, and Poison as lip colour.

The blush, Never Been Kissed, I’ve got problems with. The colour is a gorgeous flush and very natural looking on my skin tone when I wear it with just one swipe, and although it dries quickly, I do have a small bit of working time to blend it (one cheek at a time, I’d recommend). However! It’s already nearly dried out on me. Very disappointing, as I only just recently got it, and I always seal everything very tightly… I wonder if I just got a bad batch, or it’s the shade itself? Hmm!

Tacky look of the year, but I was just too lazy to make multiple looks. Never Been Kissed on cheeks, Flux in inner corners, Taco on lid, Ibiza in crease, and Exit as liner. Chi-Chi for lip colour. Also, I guess I… somehow forgot mascara??

Both lip liners are opaque, pretty budge-proof, and not very drying. Unfortunately, my gripes are with the packaging here, which has a lid that is prone to coming off, and sharpening the pencils tends to break them… the pencils don’t seem so sturdy, and more often than not I have to sharpen twice just while applying.

Wearing Never Been Kissed, Flux in inner corners, Cowboy all over lid, Serve as top liner, and Show Me on the waterline.

The eyeliners are (somewhat) new, and I was extremely excited for them! Fortunately, they live up to my expectations. Budge proof, opaque, creamy while being precise, I honestly couldn’t ask for a better eyeliner. Even better, they all last for years on my waterline without irritating it or feeling thick on it. Well, maybe a slight exaggeration about the duration, they don’t last all day on the waterline (probably would if you dried your waterline with a q-tip beforehand), but Swerve lasted me a full day with only two quick touch-ups and no red, irritated eyes. A+!

Flux in inner corner, Cowboy all over lid, Swerve as top liner, Show Me on the waterline.

And, well, I reviewed the Ultra Mattes before.

All in all, a good haul. I’d without a doubt recommend ColourPop, especially their eye products, which they seem to always excel at.

Have you tried ColourPop yet? Hauled them recently? What’s with their new MAC-like tendencies of a gazillion collections every month?


28 thoughts on “ColourPop’s Still Worth the Hype

  1. I’m still a ColourPop virgin. Current exchange rate is sucky so I’ll wait. I love that first look on you with the purple eye shadow – suits you perfectly. I do worry the eye shadows would dry out due to the texture but you’re not experiencing that, which is encouraging!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As long as you seal them tightly, they last a long time! The ones I’ve gotten back in May are still soft and spongy. =) Thanks! You’ll have to make an order someday… maybe the exchange rate will get better. =(

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You really did a good pair on that Daddy & Cowboy, they highlighted your beautiful eyes. I love your lip number also. I haven’t tried any colourpop yet but I purchased a Lippie Stix which is on it’s way 😊. I’ve heard how pigmented they are.👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s Tutu from their Forget the Fruitcake Holiday Collection. I thought it’s too dark on pictures but it’s a lovely red violet. I was hoping to own some eyeshadows too.


  3. Oh no! Stolen/lost makeup is a nightmare! 😦

    I’m still loving me some ColourPop too. Have you seen the new lipsticks? I wanted to get a few, but the ones I want are sold out. I decided not to order until I can get them all.

    Lovely swatches! And you look so beautiful in your photos! Poison is so your color!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is. =( I just ordered a replacement order from CP for everything I lost, including dupe shades from my tartelette palette, lol. I have indeed! I wasn’t going to get any at all, but I did cave and get Marshmallow – got to live a little, man. Which shades did you want?
      Aww, that’s so sweet of you, thank you! =D

      Liked by 1 person

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