I’ve Still Got Fiberglass On Me

It’s been hard for me to get too into makeup when I’ve been mostly thinking about the fun of remodelling and general DIYing. That being said, since I last posted, this is what I’ve gotten done (for the two people who will read this out of polite interest, and my own preservation!).

I ripped all the lath out.

I did this along with the next step in one night with the help of my aunt, over the course of about three hours!


I pulled all the insulation out.
I think it was cellulose insulation. There’s a little hidey-hole underneath the stairway, sandwiched between my room and the kitchen. My aunt was kind enough to crawl into there and pull the remaining mountain of insulation out while I pulled it out of the rest of the walls.


I put all new insulation up… EVERYWHERE.
Even though pulling insulation OUT was the worst job by far, putting UP insulation was easily the funnest thing I’ve done so far, even though it took a good part of the day.


I’m not too concerned about some of the insulation not having the paper backing covering it, as I read repeatedly that they don’t even do that much good… and I needed to rip the pieces in half for them to fit on the east wall. I also crawled inside of the hidey-hole like the vermin I am and insulated every square inch, including the floor. I had to kneel down on the rolls of fiberglass while I finished stapling more insulation to the undersides of the stairs, which really wasn’t my brightest idea, and my knees promptly itched for the rest of the day.


While I was at it, I also ripped off the wood around the closet that was there for the panelling… but there’s perfectly good wood underneath it that’s built up perfectly for drywall, so go figure!


Finishing up insulation and vapor barrier.
This is what I’m working on right now (as in, just took a break from it to write up this post to hopefully get me back into the “blogging daily” groove). There was a door here, but my parents ripped it out and installed a shower instead.


(FYI, my parents did all the plumbing in the house. My parents are awesome. [Further FYI, “my parents” meaning my aunt and mom, half identical twins who raised me and my cousin, who I refer to as my sister… just sos ya knows!])


Well, the back of the shower and all its plumbing has been in full view forever so, I’m just going ahead with their advice and the research I’ve done and will finish up stapling in all the plastic vapor barrier, then staple in the insulation everywhere but the access panel.

So, my current to do list, a little more detailed than last time’s:

  1. Put in a new electrical box, as the current one is falling apart and hanging freely.
  2. Put up the drywall.
  3. Tape and mud said drywall, and skimcoat the other two walls.
  4. Put down some hardboard and self levelling compound, as the floor very obviously tips down on the east side. I’m still researching this, looks like a primer has to go under and over SLC, but others say you can forego ’em. I’m hoping I can forego them, or at least the primer under, as I’ll likely be spending $35-40 on the compound as it is.
  5. Put down the flooring. My mom actually loves the parquet and agreed to just stick it down on her bedroom floor, and let me buy a different one. Which I’m thrilled about. Looking at some affordable and doable vinyl glue down planks, which goes for about $90 for the entire room, including the closet… not shabby. I can swallow flooring that only costs as much as buying both tartelette palettes. 😛
  6. Baseboard and trim. I saved all the trim for the windows and closet, but I’ll still need to pick up some baseboard and ceiling trim. I’ll finish up the doorway at this point, too.
  7. Primer and paint.

Misc things…

  • Need to patch up the two gouges I put in the ceiling while pulling out lath. Might even get around to it today.
  • Need to splice the current wire in the closet and connect it with some extra wire to a spot a few inches to the right. Just have to drill a new hole for that.
  • While I’m at it, run a wire for a lightswitch in the closet, as I’m going from a bare bulb and a pull cord to a wall mounted fixture. Since there will be no pull cord, I’ll need to install a light switch. My parents both know how to do this in detail, and explained it to me thoroughly, so I have a rough idea. Still, my mom will mostly be doing this and the other electrical things since as much as I’d like to cut my teeth on this kind of work, I’d rather not make it into our local newspaper!
  • Build my bed and bookcase. Ana White has the plans for both for free on her website, and they both look incredibly simple.


A really good note, my classes start May 24th, not April. (Sign ups were cut off in April. I’m a worrywarting ditz) Which means I have 44 days, not 14. Which is a hell of a lot better, son. I’m fully confident I can get it finished by then. Which means my breakdown is:

New electrical box (might as well do the lightswitch and splicing while we’re at it) = <1 day

Hang drywall = 1 day

Taping and joint compound = Let’s say 7 days! I think a week sounds reasonable at my pace and 24 hours between each coat.

Hardboard and self levelling compound = 3 days (up to 4 depending on how long the primer takes)

Vinyl planks = 1 day

Baseboard and trim = 1 day or less, depending on how fast I am

Primer = 1 day

Paint = 1 day

Which means we’re already at a bare minimum of 15 days, going over my initial time limit. I’m not including the time it will take for me to paint my desk, put up curtains, build my bed, hang pictures, etc. Pretty awesome, considering this is just a realistic time estimate going off how fast we typically work.  It all sounds like a bundle of fun, actually.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. Picking up drywall and a few miscellaneous things tomorrow. How have you all been?


7 thoughts on “I’ve Still Got Fiberglass On Me

  1. [Further FYI, “my parents” meaning my aunt and mom, half identical twins who raised me and my cousin, who I refer to as my sister… just sos ya knows!]
    Wait, hold up, I’m trying to understand this sentence. How is your aunt and your mom HALF identical twins? Unless you say it in jest? I’m scratching my head.
    So you’re saying you live in an all girl household? That’s friggin awesome!
    I didn’t understand most of what you wrote in your to-dos but the progress based on the photos looks great! Cudos to you for attacking this head on. And so happy that you got an extra 30 days! (Glad you didn’t show up to class in April lol) Please be careful and don’t hurt yourself!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s said partly in jest, but half-identical is an actual term that my parents believe apply to them. ” Twins are normally either identical—the result of a single sperm fertilizing a single egg, which then splits and duplicates itself—or fraternal, developing from two separate eggs fertilized by two separate sperm.” From wikipedia: “These “half-identical twins” are hypothesized to occur when an unfertilized egg cleaves into two identical attached ova and which are viable for fertilization. Both cloned ova are then fertilized by different sperm and the coalesced eggs undergo further cell duplications developing as a chimeric blastomere.” So basically, the same process as identical, only the egg splits /before/ fertilization, rather than after. =)
      Yup! Well right now my brother in law is living with us until August, but aside from that, all chicks. B)
      Haha, thanks so much! It’s been fun. =) I’m definitely a cautious person (when I’m not kneeling in fiberglass). Thanks so much for reading!


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