There Has Been Progress!

Drywalling went a million times slower than was expected, but I’m not totally surprised, because did I mention that I live in an old house? Not as easy as cut and screw into studs because not only did every piece had to be cut pretty particularly (often we’d go from, say, 10″ on one end to 10 1/2″ on the other), but there were issues with rotted studs and our own running out of drywall/not having the same thickness of drywall (we used some brand new, others were pieces that had been laying around in the kitchen for years).

It ended up looking a little cobbled together, but I still think it’ll look nice after I apply a five lb layer of mud to every single square inch. 😀 Living in an old house means you don’t get perfectly smooth walls, so this is a fact I’m going to have to live with for the next 6 years. It still looks better than before, and now it’s more or less all things I can do myself (minus the electrical bits), so it’ll be fun. My mother and aunt were the ones who screwed in all the drywall (as well as doing most of the measuring and cutting), and I can’t tell you how wonderful they are for doing that, as I am painfully incompetent with a drill.

So, dedicate this post to my parent’s awesome hard work. 😀


Here’s what the (redone!) vapor barrier and insulation job looked like. I did it the first time, then my mother had me rip it down so we could insulate the pipes better, so my aunt ended up redoing it since I was sick of the vapor barrier at that point, bless her soul.


The most perfect wall! There are still some gaps above the closet, but for the most part, there’s no real heavy mudding I have to do on this wall.


And the worst wall. The shower wall I will still be mudding by the time the rest of the room is done and painted, not joking. The wall behind it was such a mess that the pieces ended up being at least a full inch different in depth, all along the top. Aside from the top, the wall doesn’t have any real issues.


I’ve taped all the seams and joints now. This is the access panel, right behind this cut piece of insulation is the shutoff valve. We’re probably going to put a very thin piece of plywood in front and screw it in, according to my mother. Sounds pretty good, as we probably won’t have to ever really reach in here and use the shutoff valve – the pipes are finally insulated, and thus won’t freeze in winter.


By the way, the depth problem. That tape didn’t last a minute, and I didn’t really expect it to, but I had hope. 😦


Here’s the biggest gap in the drywall. Probably just going to stuff with newspaper, mud, tape, and then skim coat.


The piece of wood underneath the window was completely rotted, and if you pushed with just a bit of force, you could break through to the outside (see the crack of light?). Mother recommends filling it with liquid insulation and popping a 2×4 in there.


Right now we’re just cutting off the old drywall around the doorway for a nice, clean line so we can fit a new piece in. After this post I’m going to go in with a chisel and finish up the other side, which still has a done of plaster. By the way, see that pink swatch? That’s the colour I’ve picked for the room. =) I also picked green for the closet… my aunt thinks the room is haunting me, as I decided to repaint the pink and green, pink and green.

So, that’s the gist of it. The weather’s nice, even though we’re still getting rain about every other day (thanks, GLOBAL WARMING), so it’ll be nice to work in. During all this drywalling, it kept jumping back and forth between cold and warm weather, and made everyone feel sluggish and blue.

Almost to 200 followers! Jeez, shocked I haven’t dropped to 10. I feel like I need to do an apology giveaway soon, lol. Anyone interested in that TF peach palette if I can get my hands on it?


13 thoughts on “There Has Been Progress!

  1. I can’t believe how much you guys have done so far. Are you completely sick of dry wall yet? Do you feel like you’re getting mega arm muscles from holding up the dry wall?
    I dig the pink colour that you picked! It feel like a fresh version of the previous pink.

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    1. Omg yes we’re all sick of drywall, but I honestly didn’t think it was so heavy to hold up. My arms just got sore as heck from slathering joint compound, sanding, joint compound, etc… for over a week. :’D I’m painting it now tho! And thanks, I love pink so much. ❤ Going to steal all the nursery colours. 😛

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