An Update! (Life, mostly DIY remodeling and college)

HELLO, I’m still alive, just not very active – as you can see! Still, I do read y’all’s blogs every now and then, and I’m still alive, if eaten up by college and a lack of interest in beauty products (it’s still there… it just comes in phases).
That being said, for anyone who remembers me and is interested in what’s been happening, here’s a post for you!

I’m still working on my room. I know, right? A two week project stretched out for 8 more months. Insanity. Last time I updated you guys, I had just put the drywall up in my room. There was still a ton left to do – and here it is now!

(hint hint I’m nearly done)

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GIVEAWAY: Lorac Pro Palette 3, Open Internationally

LORDY LOO, I’ve neglected this blog. “Updating sporadically” should be my new tagline. Between still working on my room and college, I haven’t had much time or interest for this blog. Interest being the main one. I feel like a recovering addict. A new makeup release used to eat at me for days, even weeks, until I could get my grubby paws on it. Aside from a few tiny purchases and a few birthday presents, I haven’t bought makeup for six months now and I don’t really miss it all that much! However…

When I saw that I could order this new palette early with my Platinum Perk access (the Makeup Addicts Anonymous therapist never talks about the rewards of our addiction!) I just thought “aw heck, errybody loves Lorac, right?” and decided to atone for my grievous sins.

So who wants the brand-spankin’ new Lorac Pro Palette 3?


A mini Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer is included, and this giveaway is open internationally.


A collection of soft nudes, this palette is released online at June 12th and in stores June 26th.  It’s $44 with 16 eyeshadow shades weighing in at 0.32oz/8.8g total. Included is the mini Behind the Scenes Primer at 0.19oz/5.5g (the full size is $21, this is just over a third of the size of the full sized primer).


Overall, I’d say this looks like a pretty warm, rose-toned selection of shades. (I only opened the container to quickly photograph it, then put the palette and the primer back in the box exactly as they were, don’t side-eye the open palette pictures too much!)

How to Enter

Follow this blog, then leave a comment about anything! How was your week? Do you have enough eyeshadow palettes that they seem to tower like Mt. Everest over the rest of your makeup collection? And, actually, this would be my favourite question for you to answer, even though it’s completely unrelated to makeup: have you ever done an internship, and are you now employed? You definitely don’t have to answer it, but I’m strongly considering an internship and would like to see the results of it from you guys.


  • One entry per person
  • Must be following this blog before the giveaway ends (you can unsubscribe after it ends though, heh)
  • Leave a comment!
  • Winner will be picked through
  • This ends June 25th (06/25/2016)!

Have a good week, everybody! (I’m throwing this together before taking a math exam, so let me know if I forgot something)

There Has Been Progress!

Drywalling went a million times slower than was expected, but I’m not totally surprised, because did I mention that I live in an old house? Not as easy as cut and screw into studs because not only did every piece had to be cut pretty particularly (often we’d go from, say, 10″ on one end to 10 1/2″ on the other), but there were issues with rotted studs and our own running out of drywall/not having the same thickness of drywall (we used some brand new, others were pieces that had been laying around in the kitchen for years).

It ended up looking a little cobbled together, but I still think it’ll look nice after I apply a five lb layer of mud to every single square inch. 😀 Living in an old house means you don’t get perfectly smooth walls, so this is a fact I’m going to have to live with for the next 6 years. It still looks better than before, and now it’s more or less all things I can do myself (minus the electrical bits), so it’ll be fun. My mother and aunt were the ones who screwed in all the drywall (as well as doing most of the measuring and cutting), and I can’t tell you how wonderful they are for doing that, as I am painfully incompetent with a drill.

So, dedicate this post to my parent’s awesome hard work. 😀

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ColourPop’s as Addictive as a Bag of Chips (Reviewing ColourPop’s Ultra Satin Lipstick)

It’s true, though. I kicked the bug for awhile, then fell off the bandwagon, and here I am now, with a cart full of $200 worth of products that I add to more than I whittle away that.


That being said, I did just haul some ColourPop goodies to replace my tartelette palette and Swerve and Poison, which I lost (except not – six months later and they turned up. Go figure, right?). I got two eyeshadows, an eyeliner, a lipliner, a lipstick, and a brand new ColourPop Ultra Satin lipstick. I actually ordered this just about the day they came out, so this is a very belated review!

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Try the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara for KA-POW Lashes


Confession: I don’t own the actual It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara (lord, what a long name! $24 for 0.3 oz, cruelty free). I own the sample size. =P Good enough? Good enough (in my book). So, the results may vary disclaimer applies here!


The sample size, at any rate, comes in this cute little cardboard card that contains all the hype you need to know before plopping it in your cart. Very cute, but the sample kept sliding out of the card, so the card had to go to a better place (the misc. cardboard recycling bin).

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